Managing Sources

The repo subcommand is used for getting information about a source, or for configuring it. With no options, repo will list repository information:

$ apt-manage repo system
Name: System Sources
Enabled: yes
Types: deb deb-src
Suites: disco disco-security disco-updates disco-backports
Components: main universe restricted multiverse

You can also use the -i/--info flag for this purpose:

$ apt-manage repo --info ppa-system76-pop
Name: Pop!_OS PPA
Enabled: yes
Types: deb
Suites: disco
Components: main


The following options modify the system configuration, and thus require you to use sudo or a root user.

Disabling/Enabling Sources

Disabling a source is useful if you want to temporarily stop receiving software or updates from the source. You can also use it have testing or unstable sources that you want to temporarily enable from time to time.

$ sudo apt-manage repo --disable ppa-system76-proposed

If you want to re-enable a disabled source, you can use --enable.

$ sudo apt-manage repo --enable ppa-system76-proposed

Removing Sources

You can remove sources that you want to stop using permanently.

$ sudo apt-manage repo --remove ppa-system76-proposed