Converting Legacy SourcesΒΆ

RepoLib and Apt-Manage is intended to operate strictly with DEB822-style sources. Some software may automatically add or modify existing one-line sources within your system configuration. Because of this, Apt-Manage includes a conversion utility to automatically generate DEB822 sources from any active one-line sources in your system configuration.

$ sudo apt-manage convert

This will create back-ups of any third-party source files present on your system and then convert to the new format. For extra insurance against loss of data, Apt-Manage will not delete any files, but will disable sources in any .list files it converts. If you need to revert to the one-line files, you can rename the relevant .save file to end in .list instead, then modify to file to uncomment any required sources. Be sure to disable the source first, or you may get warnings about sources configured in multiple locations.


While every attempt has been made to ensure the process will not result in data loss, converting your sources automatically may cause problems. Back up your data and sources lists before attempting automatic conversion, or convert your sources manually.

Apt-Manage will offer to convert both third-party sources in /etc/apt/sources.list.d as well as system sources configured in /etc/apt/sources.list. It will also offer a preview of the converted source which you can use to verify that the source is correctly converted. If anything looks wrong with that source, deny the changes and then manually convert the source instead.