Adding SourcesΒΆ

The add subcommand is used to add new repositories to the software sources. Given without parameters, it will prompt for input to fill in the fields required to add the repository one by one:

$ sudo apt-manage add
Enter the URIs of the repository:
Enter the suites/distros of the repository (e.g. "disco"): disco
Enter the componenets of the repository (e.g. "main"): main
Enter a name for this repository: System76 Pop!_OS Repository

The source will then be saved into the system. Additionally, you can specify a deb-line to configure into the system or a ppa: shortcut to add the new source directly:

$ sudo apt-manage add deb disco main
$ sudo apt-manage add ppa:system76/pop

These correctly expand into full DEB822 sources. If an internet connection is available, apt-manage will additionally attempt to install the signing key for any ppa: shortcuts added.


Even though apt-manage will add one-line style sources to the system, it will not save them in this format. This is simply a convenience feature and is not indicative of the added source format.


Because the add subcommand modifies system configuration, the use of sudo or a root user account is required.