Modifying Sources

Modifications can be made to various configured sources using the modify subcommand.

Enabling/Disabling Sources: –enable | –disable

Sources can be disabled, which prevents software/updates from being installed from the source but keeps it present in the system configuration for later use or records for later. To disable a source, use --disable:

$ apt-manage modify ppa-system76-pop --disable

To re-enable a source after it’s been disabled, use --enable:

$ apt-manage modify ppa-system76-pop --enable

Changing names of sources: –name

RepoLib allows setting up human-readable names for use in GUIs or other user-facing contexts. To set or change a name of a source, use --name:

$ apt-manage modify ppa-system76-pop --name "Pop_OS PPA"

Suites: –add-suite | –remove-suite

Suites for sources can be added or removed from the configuration. In one-line sources, these are added with multiple lines, since each one-line source can have only one suite each. DEB822 sources can have multiple suites.

To add a suite, use --add-suite:

$ apt-manage modify ppa-system76-pop --add-suite groovy

Use --remove-suite to remove a suite:

$ apt-manage modify ppa-system76-pop --remove-suite focal

Components: –add-component | –remove-component

Both types of source format can have multiple components for each source. Note that all components for one-line format sources will share all of a source’s components.

Components are managed similarly to suites:

$ apt-manage modify system --add-component universe
$ apt-manage modify system --remove-component restricted

URIs: –add-uri | –remove-uri

DEB822 sources may contain an arbitrary number of URIs. One-line sources require an additional line for each individual URI added. All suites on a source are all applied to all of the URIs equally.

URIs are managed similarly to both suites and components:

$ apt-manage modify system --add-uri
$ apt-manage modify system --remove-uri


Multiple modifications may be applied on a single apt-manage modify calls:

$ apt-manage modify system --name "Pop_OS 20.10 System Sources" \
    --add-suite groovy \
    --remove-suite focal focal-proposed \
    --add-uri \