Adding Sources

The add subcommand is used to add new repositories to the software sources. You can specify a deb-line to configure into the system or a ppa: shortcut to add the new source directly:

$ sudo apt-manage add deb disco main
$ sudo apt-manage add ppa:system76/pop

If an internet connection is available, apt-manage will additionally attempt to install the signing key for any ppa: shortcuts added.

Options for adding sources

Various options control adding sources to the system.

Source Code, Details, Disabling Sources

To enable source code for the added repository, use the --source-code flag:

$ apt-manage add --source-code ppa:system76/pop

The new source can be disabled upon adding it using the --disable flag:

$ apt-manage add --disable ppa:system76/pop

Details for the PPA are printed for review prior to adding the source by default. This will print the generated configuration for the source as well as any available details fetched for the source (typically only available for PPA sources). To suppress this output, include --terse.

Source File Format

The format which RepoLib saves the repository on disk in depends on the type of repository being added, but regardless the --format flag can be used to force either legacy .list format or modern .sources format:

apt-manage add popdev:master --format=list
apt-manage add ppa:system76/pop --format=sources

Names and Identifiers

Names for PPA sources are automatically detected from Launchpad if an internet connection is available. Otherwise they are automatically generated based on the source type and details. Optionally, a name can be specified when the source is added:

$ apt-manage add ppa:system76/pop --name "PPA for Pop_OS Software"

System-identifiers determine how the source is subsequently located within RepoLib and on the system. It matches the filename for the source’s configuration file. It is automatically generated based on the source type, or can be specified manually upon creation using the --identifier flag:

$ apt-manage add ppa:system76/pop --identifier pop-ppa


Even though apt-manage allows modifcation or management of DEB822-format sources, it does not currently support adding them to the system directly. DEB822 sources can be manually added or added using third-party tools, and apt-manage will correctly operate on them subsequently.